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Customer List of Leading Organizations

Stanford University
The Recycling Partnership
UCSF Health
Georgia State University
University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Discover Your Path to Zero Waste

Hospitals can enhance patient care, improve employee safety and reduce environmental impacts with a comprehensive waste management platform.


As institutional leaders in the movement to zero waste, Universities can make steady gains towards their zero waste goals aided by a command center for all their campaigns.


Leading companies are taking control of their waste streams and striving for zero waste by gaining granular visibility into their waste generation and contamination.

Corporate Campuses

Jurisdictions, haulers and consultants can efficiently conduct route planning, cover more ground in the field, connect stakeholders and gain visibility into program effectiveness.


Partner With Us in Your Organization's Zero Waste Journey

Advance Zero Waste

Free up 140+ hours on data collection and analytics and lower unnecessary hauling costs by up to 30%

Improve Communication & Education

Track real-time progress on targeted outreach and share milestones with all stakeholders

Decrease Environmental

Send 30% less waste to landfills and incinerators and cut building emissions by 15% or more

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Join our local partner community to grow your business using Zabble Zero™ and help your clients reach zero waste

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A Note from the EPA

"Small businesses funded through the EPA's Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Program provide innovative approaches to address EPA’s mission of protecting human health and the environment. Waste quantification and categorization with Zabble helps address the need for technologies that can improve the US recycling system."
April RichardsEPA SBIR Program Manager

One Platform for all your Waste Insights

Zabble Zero™ Mobile Tagging for Field Teams

Tag Waste Data with AI

Snap a picture of a bin and let the AI suggest fullness levels and contamination items and alert supervisors

Pinpoint Contamination Hotspots

View hyper-granular insights at the loading dock, bin, floor, department or building level

Empower Zero Waste Campaigns

Close the loop with targeted campaigns that you can objectively measure

Zabble Zero™ Invoice Analytics for Finance

Save Time Importing Data with AI

Simply upload your hauler invoices in different formats and let the AI organize and categorize the fields

Gain Invoice Transparency

Extract valuable insights about different waste streams, their service levels and costs

Optimize Service Levels

Look for pickup anomalies, spot trends, adjust service levels, reduce hauling costs and negotiate better rates

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Laura McKaughan

Principal at Envirolutions LLC

“Zabble Zero makes capturing data seamless and you can take pictures of every sample, which get uploaded to the cloud. The picture management function alone saved us 10 hours per audit.”

Daniel Hartsig

Executive Director at WasteCap Resource Solutions

“We're really impressed with how far they've come to combine critical waste analysis tools in a single package. Zabble provides a tool to record container fullness and contamination with the touch of a button. Zabble has combined several time consuming activities into a single platform, significantly reducing data gathering and entry labor costs and accelerating the users path to reduced waste hauling costs.”

Jon Asuncion

Recycling & Waste Reduction Lead at UC San Francisco

"Zabble Zero is a total game changer. The app is a great tool that has allowed me to easily keep tabs on each waste collection site on our campus. I can audit each area quickly and effectively, share data amongst team members and focus on areas to improve for our zero waste goals. Even better, I can easily access pictures and information from the palm of my hand whenever I need."

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