To Californian Jurisdictions - allocate your CalRecycle grant funds to contamination monitoring. Learn how.

Jurisdictions, haulers and consultants can use the Mobile Tagging for Jurisdictions™ platform to manage their lid flip or site visit programs end-to-end and measure the effectiveness of contamination reduction outreach campaigns.

Take the AI-powered, Data-Driven Path to Compliance

Mobile Tagging for Jurisdictions™ empowers customizable, targeted solutions for jurisdictions to monitor contamination, conduct effective outreach and stay in compliance

Faster Planning With Digitized Routes

Ditch printouts of maps and route sheets. Plan your next route review in under 2.5 hours with end-to-end route management tools

Cover More Ground Even Without Internet

Do 2.8X more lid flips/site visits with an optimized digital map while collecting bin insights using AI-powered real-time fullness and contamination suggestions.

Effective Outreach Program Management and Measurement

Access historical analytics and connect stakeholders in real-time to uncover contamination hotspots across your jurisdiction and run effective outreach programs.

All Compliance Data in One Place

Itemize all the records (in CSV or XL) needed for jurisdictions to submit for their annual compliance reviews such as California’s Electronic Annual Reports (EAR).

Proven Success

"Route audits for SB 1383 compliance was one of many required activities we had to complete for SB 1383 compliance. But Zabble's data visualization tools helped make the exercise more meaningful by easily identifying trends that we have used to inform education campaigns and help inform future programmatic decisions."
Rebecca ParnesRecycling Program Specialist III,
City of Oakland

One Platform for all your Contamination Monitoring Insights

SB 1383 Route Review Pricing


WILLOW Package

Jurisdiction Population

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Jurisdiction Population
50,000 - 250,000

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Jurisdiction Population
250,000 - 500,000

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Jurisdiction Population

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Users, Unlimited Editable Templates, Unlimited Data Import access, Real-time Email Notifications, Pre-configured web-based Dashboard with Analytics Charts and Metrics, Self-Service Onboarding and Training Tutorials, SB 1383 Compliance Records, Ongoing Software Feature Releases and Platform Improvements, Biannual AI Model Updates

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